Indian Sourcing Agents Scope of Services
• Arranging best vendors
• Negotiating the best prices from reputed suppliers
• Quality assurance & inspection of the goods
• Timely deliveries and best freight rates
• Regular communication and co-ordination
• Regular production / order processing updates
• Sampling of Merchandise to specifications
• Controlling / Monitoring raw material
• Facilitate & Co-ordinate the Buyer’s visits to India
• Outsourcing Development, Product Customization
• Zero Error Quality Assurance, Order Tracking
• Complete Documentation. Clearing & Forwarding
• Shipping Coordination & Consolidation

If you have your own design or have seen something in another location, we would be happy to assist you on sourcing the supplier and finding the best price.

Sales Agent Services
If customer has some products which he thinks is fit for our Indian market, we may become their Sales agent in India, they become an exporter from importer, and we, an importer from exporter.


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