Indian Sourcing agentsWe act as bridge between the supplier and the buyer. We will act as your agent in dealing with sourcing the product, placing the order and quality controlling


Indian Sourcing serviceWe provide the International Clients “A Liaison Office In India” with utmost dedication and sincerity.We will act as your agent here


Quality Control Service IndiaYour own design or have seen something in another location, happy to assist you on sourcing the supplier and finding the best price


Indian Buying AgentsWe are sourcing and buying agents in India – we find products you want and then we work with you and the factories to get them made and shipped


Indus Trade Point is a Indian sourcing, buying and merchandising company situated in Jodhpur, India. A group of youths with extensive experience in foreign trade, imports and exports, experience in “Indian handicraft sourcing”, we specialize in product design, sourcing, inspections, quality control and production consultation.

As a Indian Sourcing Agent we guarantee that high-quality consumer products delivered to you on time and at exceptional value.

As a buying agents we help you in product sourcing ,choosing vendors, correct short listing, co-ordination during sampling, business transactions, quality control, pre-shipment inspections etc. We have commited team of experienced product specialists focusing on every customer segment, manage entire supply chain from product design and development, through raw material and factory sourcing, production planning and management, quality assurance,buying, export documentation to shipping control.

We act as bridge between the supplier and the buyer. We will act as your agent in managing sourcing the product, placing the order and quality controlling. Once we received your order, we will do some assessment on the volumetric size of the order. The volumetric size will influence the cost of packing and dispatching

  • Why choose us?
    • Focus On Your Profit
    • Cost Reduction
    • Varying Experience
    • Optimum Price
    • Regular Updates
    • Quality Control
  • Code of Conduct

    Indus Trade Point enforces a precise Supplier Code of Conduct; and in addition, our team undergoes extensive training to gain the awareness, knowledge and necessary skills to meet compliance requirements. Systematic inspections, audits and comprehensive vender education ensure production from socially responsible suppliers.

  • Our Obligations

    * Taking responsibility and acting professionally and delivering satisfaction to our customers always.
    * Forming a win-win relationship with our clients, vendors and associates.
    * Meeting our customer needs on time and every time with appropriate infrastructure and reactivity.
    * Practicing an honest, transparent, and competent relationship with our customer, supplier and employee.
    * Building supplier chain integration based on mutual trust, co-operation and co-existence.
    * Assisting the suppliers to upgrade their sourcing, production capacity, infrastructure and collections.
    * Instituting Quality Management System for effective and complaint free business environment.
    * Effective utilization of our multi-location presence by adopting the latest technology and to render a flexible and a proactive service.
    * Empowering employees to take initiatives and control in their work areas, sharpening their skills, and granting them the required exposure in order to create a confident team.
    * Adhering to Social, Ethical and Environmental norms of the present times.

We are Indian Sourcing Agents ,buying and Quality control agents for furnishing,carpets,Christmas articles,wooden and Iron handicrafts India, vintage textiles, antiques, furniture wooden and iron and many more. We are expert in sourcing, sampling, quality checks, Inspections, Audit and shipment co-ordination. The company is Jodhpur India based.

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